20120323_drtimpatitsas-016_resize.jpegTimothy Patitsas was born in the United States and was raised in the city of Kent, Ohio. He completed his undergraduate studies at Georgetown University School of Foreign Service, his Master of Divinity at Holy Cross Greek Orthodox School of Theology, and his doctorate in Systematic Theology at The Catholic University of America. In 2005, he returned to Holy Cross as a member of the Faculty, teaching Orthodox Christian Ethics and leading the annual summer pilgrimage to Mount Athos, Constantinople, and Greece. His forthcoming book, The Ethics of Beauty, sets forth an approach to the moral life based in the most ancient spiritual practices of the Christian Church. Early drafts of the book have received wide praise for providing an insightful study of the core characteristics that make Orthodox Christian life unique.

Recent articles of Dr. Patitsas include:
“A Feeling for Beauty” – Road to Emmaus Volume XV No. 2 
“The Opposite of War is not Peace” – Road to Emmaus Volume XIV No. 1